Work Share Program

Dear Villagers, This year we are trying out a new work share program. This will benefit you and RoseCreekVillage Farms.  Here is how it works: For every hour worked you will receive $5.00 voucher that will be redeemable for RCV Farms produce. You will not be paid with cash unless it has been agreed upon.

After you fill out and turn in your application (see attached) we will set up an interview and talk more specifically about what you would like to do, and what we expect. We have limited job opening for each task so there is no guarantee that you will be able to do what you have checked.  After we meet, we will do a 3 week trial to see if this is something you really want to do and if you are physically able to do the work.

Please PRINT ATTACHED FORM, read carefully and fill out application. Then turn into Ray or Ashley.



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Smell Spring in the Air

We can smell Spring coming in the air!

The children are enthusiastic with excitement, and so are the plants!

Everything survived last week’s snow and the soil will hopefully dry out soon.

We will set out the onions and potatoes and about 2,000 kale transplants in the next couple of weeks.

The high tunnel is bursting with life, we will have it open this week, so if you would like to take your children on a mini field trip to the high-tunnel to see life in the middle of winter

…this is the week to do it. (just text Ray just so he knows).

This Wednesday we will be in the town-hall talking about our new exciting Work-Share Program!

If you love the produce and want to cut down on your food bill, then you must COME!

We will also be talking about last year’s report and our goals for this year and the years to come, which will effect everyone who lives here.

There will be FREE, fresh carrots, kale, and spinach for refreshments!

This week’s produce list:

Med spinach

Baby Spinach

Red Leaf



Curley leaf Parsley

Frozen Broccoli

Spring Mix

We have a new office land-line that you can call us concerning orders @ (731)645-7543.

See you Wednesday!

Ray and Ashley



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Spring cleaning

Dear Rose Creek Villagers,

Spring here! And summer seems to be right on her heels.

This week we spring-cleaned the greenhouse and rearranged the tables and plants to make more room for even more plants.


This Saturday will be our first day at the Farmers’ Market in Jackson.

We are very excited!

Joy is the first one to be officially on our Workshare program!

The high tunnel has not been this weed-free since we put it up last year! She is also great with young translants. This morning she helped us get our lettuce plants ready for this Saturday’s market. Thanks Joy!


We finally got our tomato transplants planted in the high tunnel! Very Exciting!

This week we have Kale: Dinosaur, Ripbor, and Red Russian.

You can buy a Sampler which is just all three varieties in one bunch so you can taste all three types.

We will not have lettuce for Friday delivery but you can purchase it for the Tuesday delivery.

We now have plants for sale.You can pay through jotform (will be sent out asap), or set up an appointment with Ray and pick out your plants and pay him there.



Flatleaf parsley

6 Packs are $2.50

3” potts are $2.00 (shown in photo)


Red Brandywine(heirloom) tomato

Cherokee Purple(hierloom) tomato

Parks Whopper tomato

Bush Early Girl tomato

Celebrity tomato

Bell pepper


All Six packs are $2.50 (left)

4” pots are $2.00 (middle)

6″ pots with stakes are $4.00 (right)

Produce List for this week:

  • Eggs from Jan – $3.50
  • Cilantro – $1.00
  • Flat Leaf Parsley – $1.00
  • Curly Leaf Parsley – $1.00
  • Radishes – $1.00
  • Red Russian Kale – $2.00
  • Ripbor Kale – $2.00
  • Dinosaur Kale – $2.00
  • Kale Trio Sampler – $2.00
  • Mustard Greens – $1.00
  • Green Leaf – $2.50 (Tuesday only)

Have a great week!

RCV Farms



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Pasteurized Pork



April 20, 2011
Dear Rose Creek Villagers,

It’s here!!!  We now have our own RCV-happy-raised PORK!

You can now order Pork Chops, and Sausage (hot or mild); we will have bacon in a few weeks.There’s two ways to get our pork:
1)  Order using the Jotform (same one that has produce) and pay through Pay Pal

2)  Come by our house and pick it out yourself and pay then, cash or check.
A side note for artists & craftspeople:  on April 30th there is a “Arts in the Park” festival  in Jackson that we will be participating in; if any one has any arts or craft they would like to sell, we can sell it for you, or you can come with us. Please email us back for more details.

We have a surplus of Kale this week so ….Kale is on sale!
This week’s Produce

  • Green leaf lettuce $2.50
  • Bibb lettuce$2.50
  • Red leaf lettuce$2.50
  • Romaine lettuce$2.50
  • Red Russian kale $1.00
  • Ripbor kale$1.00
  • Dino kale.$1.00
  • Sage $1.00
  • Oregano $1.00

Our Pork

  • Hot sausage $ 4.00lb
  • Mild sausage$4.00lb
  • Pork chops $6.00lb

(Sorry, at this time you cannot use workshare hours to purchase pork. )

Thanks for your support!


Rose Creek Village Farms

999 Lola Whitten Rd

Selmer,Tn 38375

cell (731)645-2834

office (731)645-2834



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Alot of Meat



Dear Rose Creek Villagers,

We have some AWESOME NEWS!  :)    This week we took two of our pigs to the processing place, where they weighed in at 290 lb and 360 lb.

That 600+ lbs of meat is being vacuumed-packed and labeled “USDA” Inspected pork,  and starting next week you will be able to purchase it through RCV Farms!!

It will be on next week’s Jotform and your meat orders will be delivered with your produce. Check out our prices and work some of this delicious meat into your menus next week:

RCV Raised Pork:
Chops     $6.50 lb

Sausage  $4.50 lb

Bacon     $5.50 lb


Ok, I hear you talking about that price.  Admittedly this is a lot more than Wal-Mart prices but, remember, we do not have a Wal-Mart product.   What we have(or is it “had”)  is a pastured-raised,  very happy pig :) .    As a comparison: at Trader Joe’s in Nashville they have confinement-raised (factory, concrete barns), natural-(whatever that means) pigs, and they offer the meat I’ve listed above at $9.00, $8.00, and $6.00 a pound.   We offer an outdoor-raised happier pig pork for 10 to 30% LESS!!    Ok, back to produce:

Our Produce this week is:

Radishes                                      $1.00

Sage                                             $1.50

Green Leaf Lettuce                      $2.50

Bibb lettuce                                  $2.50

Dino Kale (in containers)              $1.50

Red Russian Kale (in containers) $1.50

Thanks for your support!


Rose Creek Village Farms

999 Lola Whitten Rd

Selmer,Tn 38375

cell (731)645-2834

office (731)645-2834



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Lettuce is Back

We started working on this website for Ray and Ashley and RCV in Feb, 2011. What an exciting endeavor our great God has for us with organic farming. Our goal with this website is simply to communicate all the aspects of the business, the marketing, and the great products. There is also a homeschool section and a forms section which may be of some interest. Enjoy!



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Pasteurized Animals

Raising animals the natural way, as God intended it, is … well … natural!

Cincopa WordPress plugin



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Raising animals the natural way, as God intended it, is … well … natural!

Cincopa WordPress plugin



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Lettuce is back

Lettuce is back! We have red leaf and the wonderful Bibb! We had a lot of green leaf, but we sold it all last week! But, we have more growing, and will be ready for harvest soon.

Bibb Lettuce

This week we have been planting thousands of seeds in our green house, and planning for our spring-summer planting and harvest.

This week’s list:

Red Leaf

Bibb Lettuce



Med Spinach

Baby Leaf Spinach

Broccoli – Frozen from our garden

Also, this week you will only be able to pay using paypal. If you need assistance to set up an account, Please see Aaron. 
Ray and Ashley



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Jan 4 Newslatter

Dear Rose Creek Villagers,

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday with lots of time to rest, with some time to reflect on all you did last year,and what you feel like God wants you to do with this up-coming year.

Last year was really good for us, we learned a lot, and….made more mistakes than we ever have.

About one year ago we as a people just dreamed  of having fresh produce from our field and fantasizing about fresh vegetables in the dead of winter.
This year….. we…together, now have both!
“It takes a Village” rings true again!

This year we hope to perfect the village delivery system.
We will be adding  pay-pal soon for ease of ordering, or you can still pay at the store if you wish, so you can use your food stamps if need be. For now, method of payment will be same till we work out all the kinks.
We also want to continue to build the Jackson Market. Last summer we did not have produce at the Market for about 3 months due to the heat and some management problems.
We have noted those things and plan to change accordingly.
Any suggestions is gladly accepted and will be seriously considered.

The lettuces are almost back. If you take a peek in our high-tunnel you will see several hundred nice lettuces almost ready to harvest.

We have started our tomato, pepper, eggplant seedlings and they are coming up very nicely.
Thanks to our new propane heater, we do not have to stoke the heater every two hours!


We are looking for volunteers to help us with all aspects of the Farm, which MAY lead to a small part time paying job, or a nice trade of free veggies for labor.

We need help in the following areas:

-Greenhouse maintenance
-Seed starting
-High-tunnel planting
-Village delivery’s (from harvesting and packaging to downloading and processing orders)
-Farmers Market (this starts in early march)
-Flowers (Ashley is going to try to grow flowers this year to help fund our adoption)

If you would like to help in any way. WE want to meet with YOU!
Just e-mail us back with what you are interested in, and we will take care of setting up an appointment to sit down with you.

Winter is a good time to train people who want to be involved.
Once spring time hits, there is so much demand from Land-Ops and the Farm that we are lucky to just stay sane! Much less train new people. If you don’t believe us, just ask some of the older work-day boys, they will tell you all about it!

This week we have Carrots!
These are a mokum carrot which is very good for snacking. We would highly recommend you try to replace a box of granola bars for one pound of carrots, your kids would love them.We could never get Asha to eat a raw carrot, until we dug up a Mokum and gave it to her…it was gone in seconds!

So here goes our list for this week:

Carrots $2.50 lb.
Arugula $2.50 container
Spinach$3.00 container
Italian Flat leaf Parsley $1.50 bunch
Cilantro $1.50
Mesclun Mix $2.00 container
Radishes$2.50 bunch

We would like change the deadline for produce orders from Thursday night to Wednesday Night at midnight, that would give us more time to process orders,and make adjustments if need be. This will be in affect starting next week. If there is a problem with this please let us know.


Ray and Ashley



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